Fushionz is functional footwear, strategically designed to relieve foot pain without overcrowding the shoe.  Every Fushionz footwear product is integrated with patented shock absorbing gel cushions and other support technology.  This ground breaking technology is designed to capture the harsh impact on the feet caused from walking and standing on hard surfaces daily.

The constant pressure that is placed on the ball of foot, (sesamoids), heels, arch and toes everyday results in pain and damage to the natural fat pad on the feet.  Even after taking off your shoes, Fushionz will leave your feet feeling rested, supported and comfortable after a long day.

How It Works

From soccer moms, to servers, the elderly and athletes, the average person is on their feet every day.  Unlike memory foam, this highly responsive visco-elastic gel absorbs the impact to the feet, maintaining support without collapsing or losing its shape.  The results are less foot pain while giving you more energy to conquer your day.

About the CEO

As a teenager, I competed in many sports and physical activities.  From band and flag practice to state level track and field competitions, I can always remember my feet hurting.

As I got older, I found myself working jobs that required long, constant hours on my feet. I hated the feeling of my feet burning from standing, walking or running on harsh surfaces all day.  I started looking for a product that would provide serious foot relief and comfort, but nothing was ever quite right.  I was in search of a product that would make my feet feel like I am standing on a cloud or walking on air.

Insoles were expensive and too tedious to constantly change between every pair of shoes.  Cheap adhesive cushions were not comfortable because they easily collapsed or slid out of place in the shoe.  I envisioned a comfort sock and hosiery footwear product that was comfortable, easily transferable, and provided support with or without a shoe.  Therefore, I embarked on this journey to find a solution to the problem.  On February 21, 2013, Fushionz was born.

In 2017 Fushionz was patented; and in 2021 Fushionz hit the retail market.  Fushionz is revolutionary and provides a highly needed level of comfort and relief to every person in every industry.

My goal is to integrate this comfortable patented technology into all hosiery/sock products currently on the market, eliminating foot pain and discomfort once and for all.  Shoes on or off, enjoy the comfort. – Melanie Alston


Thank You!

I would like to thank all of my testers who wore Fushionz (especially during Covid-19) and willingly provided valuable feedback throughout the product development phase.  Also, a special thank you to my parents for supporting this dream ever since it was an idea.  Thank you to my mom for sticking with me with all of the seamstress work and product development assistance. She continues to work with me in advertising and promoting my business. Thank you to the factory that finally understood my invention and was willing to work on this and stay with me throughout Covid-19.